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Chronic Pain:
Canadians are under SIEGE

Imagine always being in pain. Never being able to relax, sleep properly or feel completely well. For an estimated 25% of Canadians, this is not something they imagine; it is something they live.1

The ongoing burden of pain has a heartbreaking impact on patients’ daily lives. Pain limits function and curtails livelihoods resulting in a negative effect on state of mind. Chronic pain prevents people from engaging in life to its fullest by limiting them from partaking in physical activities and by diminishing their sense of self. Studies show that as many as 85% of chronic pain sufferers report being affected by severe depression,2 and 23% of Canadians with chronic pain believe that life is not worth living.3

The negative effects of chronic pain aren’t limited to the patient alone. Family members and caregivers can feel exhausted and hopeless when caring for a loved one struggling to manage their condition. Decreased workplace performance and absenteeism due to chronic pain can have profound economic implications.4 By limiting people’s participation and productivity, untreated pain has a broader impact on society at large, and hinders greater progress for all.

ZYUS’ Mission for Good

At ZYUS, we recognize the pressing need to better understand pain and develop innovative solutions for its management. Our mission is to reinvent how pain is treated by developing new cannabinoid formulations and demonstrating their potential in a range of applications. With millions of Canadians suffering from pain, we are working to advance the science of well-being by developing plant-made therapeutics.

ZYUS champions the importance of patient comfort in compassionate care. Through this lens, we have come to believe a good outcome goes far beyond survival. A good outcome involves improvement in quality of life.

Our cannabinoid formulations expand the potential of medicine by addressing patients’ physical comfort as well as their mental and emotional well-being. We’re enabling truly compassionate care that goes beyond the pursuit of survival to alleviate suffering and transform a patient’s ability to enjoy life.

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