Who We Are

ZYUS (TSXV: ZYUS) is a life sciences company focused on the development and commercialization of novel cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drug candidates for pain management. Through rigorous scientific exploration and clinical research, ZYUS aims to secure intellectual property protection, safeguarding its innovative therapies and bolstering shareholder value.

ZYUS’ unwavering commitment extends to obtaining regulatory approval of non-opioid-based pharmaceutical solutions, in pursuit of transformational impact on patients’ lives.

Who We Are

Our Approach

ZYUS is primarily focused on the development, patent protection and regulatory approval of its drug product candidates through clinical trials. Simultaneously, ZYUS is committed to offering patients immediate access to its foundational products for compassionate reasons.

Pharmaceutical Drug Product Candidates

The development, protection, and regulatory approval of our pharmaceutical drug product candidates from authorities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"), European Medicines Agency ("EMA") and Health Canada. Followed by commercialization of these proprietary drug products for use in treatment of specific diseases and indications.

Access to Foundational Products

While the primary focus is on the clinical development of ZYUS' regulatory approved pharmaceutical drug product candidates, we also are engaged in the commercialization of our exempt market therapeutics such as cannabinoid oils, softgel capsules and topical creams, in Canada and those international markets where medical cannabis is legal.

Science-based Approach

Committed to furthering the scientific understanding of cannabinoids by investigating their therapeutic potential to deliver patients a safer, more effective alternative to current pain management therapies.

Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio

Conducted extensive research on our drug product candidates and used this research to develop a robust patent portfolio and implemented a global patenting strategy protecting our novel, proprietary cannabinoid formulations.

Strong Drug Development Pipeline

Focused on the development of our novel, proprietary, and regulatory approved pharmaceutical drug products through execution of pre-clinical, non-clinical and clinical research to demonstrate the safety and efficacy.

Quality in Manufacturing

Industry leading, pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid extraction facility and extensive manufacturing processes have been strategically designed to produce our drug product candidates and exempt market therapeutics meeting rigorous EU-GMP standards.

Tier-1 Management Team

Dedicated to providing patients in Canada and worldwide with high quality cannabinoid-based therapeutics backed by decades of experience at both the Board and Senior Management level in healthcare, clinical trials and business development.

Accelerated Adoption

Committed to leveraging scientific evidence to educate the medical community and patients for the purpose of accelerating acceptance of cannabinoid-based therapeutics and expanding the addressable market for our regulatory approved pharmaceutical drug products and exempt market therapeutics.